Rime ice and prayer flags enroute to the Nyingma Gyanzen La (5563m), a ridge traverse at over 18,000ft, Dolpa District

(above and left) Changing Landscapes. Upper Dolpa

(left) Morning thaw. Niwas Valley

(above) Exhausted, Tired, Hungry. Loving It!

(left) 1. ‘Steering’ Wheel. 2. Greenhouse. 3. Plow ‘surfing’. 4. Sibling piggy back

(below) 5200m by 6am, 5200m by evening. Nengla La Valley

(left) Map curiosity and local women spinning yak wool. Bhijer.

(above) Traversing the Nyingma Gyanzen ridge at over 18,000ft. (below) Only one way down, better double check the map on last time! (below right) the result on sans pants.

(below) Saldang village girl

(above left) Scouting the glissade potential. Consensus: High! (left) Switching techniques to the boot ski (above) Descending into the last slivers of light. Yala La and Chyargo La Valleys.

(right) Silver Birch bark. Blue eyed buffalo. Nepali hieroglyphics. The most common trail side trash in Nepal? Dead shoes.

(above) Trauma attempting to resole his shoes. Gamgadhi.

(right) One. Two. Three. PUSH!! Nepali trail maintenance. The entire village will come out and lend a hand.

(left) Gamgadhi resupply. Desperate measures. Desperate times.

(left) These guys proceeded to ‘study’ us for 45 minutes while we ate and took break, got bored and promptly fell asleep. (below) Trailside smoke.

(left) It was bound to happen. One of us was going to fall through a suspension bridge. This is what happens when the other side of the board comes back up and smacks you in the face. Notice the eyelid on the wrong side of the lens. Ouch!

(right) Cave bivy. Mugu

(below) Foot powered wood lathe. Simikot

(left and right) Finishing shots. Point me in the direction of the food! Trauma’s chest seems to be caving in on it’s self. Simikot