The spirit that guides. The symbolic trail markers decorate the Lodgepole pines along the 165mi Tahoe Rim Trail. Always a constant reminder of how far there is to go, and just how blue that big lake really is.

Dry, dusty trail encountered for much of the route.

Typical frozen water sources. Much time was spent walking around lake shores looking for weaknesses in the ice.

(left) Stunning splash of light upon the last minutes of lake view. (right) Setting up the Kilo under moonlight.

Tempting to want to sleep in when over nights temps are in the teens or twenties, but with sunrises and great trail like this, it’s hard to not want to get out and greet the day.

(above) Views down into the Nevada side of Tahoe. A welcome reprise from Lake view.

(top right) Lift at Diamond Peak, just above the trail corridor.

(right) The precious strip of white amongst a sea of brown. Diamond Peak resort.

(above) An overview of the xc route involved. Descending Marlette Peak towards Marlette Lake.

(left) Crossing of Marlette Lake to join the North Canyon Trail. The ice was over 18” thick in most places. More than enough!

A collection of frozen water sources. A constant theme throughout the hike.

(above) Two hours of perfect night hiking along the Feel Peak Basin.

(right) A view of Star Lake with the ridge up to Job’s Sister (10,823ft) in the background.

(above) A much needed break in the warmth of the sun.

(right) Huge Juniper tree north of Freel Peak

One of many ‘busting ass’ sequences survived over the course of the week. This one immortalized on film.

(above) last morning in the Kilo. Breakfast in bed is always a treat. (above right) Frozen lake, Desolation Wilderness. (right) Final ridge traverse and view of the Lake heading into Alpine Meadows.