Fish scales on a pair of mid-fat Voile Vector BC skis. 118-94-107 and 1460g under foot. The secret to ultra-light ski touring for all conditions.

Dynafit Low Tech Race bindings. 7.4oz and with an effective DIN setting of 9. About as simple and light as you can get. Thank you Austrian engineering!

Trail Design’s multi-fuel Sidewinder stove system can handle alcohol, wood and esbit. Beautiful craftsmanship and proved efficiency with their Caldera Cone design.

(left) In wood burning mode

Sidewinder Ti-Tri stowed nicely inside the Vargo 1.3Ti pot. Nice touch with the tyvek sleeves to separate the soon to be sooty windscreen from the rest of the pot. Note, since this is my first time cooking with wood, I will be bringing Trail Design’s 12-10 alcohol stove for backup and the chance we camp above treeline.

above: MD Exodus FS fully loaded minus food. All ski gear that I will need to get to readily during the day (shovel, probe, skins) is neatly stowed on the outside, while the remainder of my camping gear fits snugly inside the 2900ci main compartment.