Ultralight Winter Travel


After countless prods from friends and family and even more months spent behind a computer, I’ll excited to announce the release of Ultralight Winter Travel published through Falcon Guides. Written in collaboration with Justin Lichter, our aim with this book is get more folks into the outdoors during the ‘forgotten’ hiking season. This book compiles thousands of miles of personal experience, experimentation and learnings condensed into an easy to read format to get you on the trail sooner with the information you’ll need to expedite your own personal learning curve.

For purchase of your own copy of Ultralight Winter Travel email me directly through the Contact page. For payment options please send $25.95 through paypal to shawnalanforry@gmail.com.

From Falcon Guides:

The key to winter travel is knowing how to travel as light as possible. The Ultralight series is perfect for both beginner and experts alike as Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry, the first ever winter thru-hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail, use their knowledge to form the most comprehensive companion for traveling farther with less weight. Ultralight Winter Travel focuses on all of the skills and techniques that winter adventurists would want at their fingertips while in the outdoors. Perfect for winter travelers from beginner to advanced, this book contains:

  1. Worst-case-scenario advice you’d want handy if stuck in a precarious situation.

  2. Topics like: how to predict weather patterns, how to keep your pack light without sacrificing the essentials, how to repair or replace gear with limited materials, and how to deal with the elements when you don’t have a lot of gear

The book is formatted to make learning easy and user-friendly. Readers will be able to adapt their surroundings to the techniques shown in the book and safely overcome challenges that which may otherwise have turned them back.

Ultralight Winter Travel

By Shawn Forry, Justin Lichter


288 pages

7 1/2” x 9 3/8”

Retails for $25.95