Margin walker

A hiker`s chronicles

    By Shawn Forry


November 25, 2017: Ultralight Winter Travel Released!

After months of working on this book, I’m pleased to announce the release of Ultralight Winter Travel, written in collaboration with Justin Lichter and published through Falcon Guides. For more information check out this link.

November 1, 2017: Haute Route

The Swiss Alps haven’t bubbled up to the top of the priority list until this fall. After returning from an amazing two week jaunt between the Matterhorn and Mt Blanc, i‘m embarrassed to say its taken me this long to explore this premier mountain range. With photos freshly uploaded to the Photos page, I’m already scheming of ways to get back and explore the range with skis.

March 18, 2017: Tahoe Rim Ski Traverse

Tomorrow Justin Lichter and I set off for a quick lap on the 165mi TaHoe Rim Trail. Its been an incredible winter to get some great ski touring in. This week’s weather is looking like more of the same of this epic winter. Hoping for an occasional stunning view between the likely suffer fest. Check back for a trip report in the coming weeks.

TRT Winter Gear List.xlsx

March 5, 2017: Podcast Interviews

Many thanks to fellow outdoor fanatics Chris Ward at Like a bigfoot Podcast and Curt Linville of the Adventure Sports Podcast for taking time this week to hear about the Winter PCT.

Check out the Full Interviews here:

Adventure Sports Podcast: Episode #250

Like a Bigfoot Podcast: Episode #27

February 10, 2017: Updated 2017 Trips

Its that time of year to start moving the tick list of dream trips into a tangible plan. I’m happy to announce some fun plans I’ll be dedicating time towards this summer into next winter. Take a peak and keep an eye out for trip report updates!

January 17, 2017: California Outdoor Hall of Fame

Many thanks to Tom Stienstra for informing Justin Lichter and myself that we were nominated for induction into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame. Feeling humble being in the same company as fellow hikers Scott Williamson, Ken & Marcia Powers and Brian Robinson. Check out the full article here.

October 30, 2016: Killarney Provincial Park

Sneaking in one last trip before winter. Check out the amazing photos from a recent trip to Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.  A combination of 160mi of canoeing and hiking was the perfect contrast to the vibrant fall foliage against the stunning white granite of the canadian shield.

December 29, 2015: Outdoor Retailer

Its that time of year again to start gearing up for the winter Outdoor Retailer show. I can usually only make it to the quieter winter show due to my hectic summer work schedule. This is always a great opportunity to catch up with hiker and industry friends. Checking out the state of the market is always interesting to say the least. Hoping to put together a recap after the show. 

December 22, 2015: Trip Report-Low 2 High Route

A long overdue recap of my hike of the Low 2 High route from October. This was a planned reunion hike with two of my closest hiking companions; Trauma an Nacho. Collectively I have probably hiked over 12,000mi with these fool.s

December 3, 2015: Planning your best trip yet

I put together some tips and tricks for my friends over at OBOZ on how I tackle the planning process for each of my trips. Check out the details in the latest blog entry.

September 2, 2015: Fall/Winter plans announced

After working another busy summer with outward Bound california my mind is already ramping up into full planning mode for the coming months. Check out the tick list of trips I’m chomping at the bit to dive into this year.

September 1, 2015: Winter PCT Media Link

Our good friend Rand Lindsly over at Trail Designs did a phenomenal job of compiling all of the various press the Winter PCT generated this winter. Check out the beautiful page he put together. Thanks Rand!

August 29, 2015: ALDHA-West Presentation

Trauma and I are pleased to be one of this year’s key note speakers for the 20th annual american long distance hikers association (ALDHA-west). For more details check out this link.


March 16, 2015: A few thought on gear

Check out the latest blog post to see a recap of the gear we used to successfully complete our winter traverse. There is also a full Gear List to check out with notes on performance of each piece of gear we utilized we utilized.

PCT Winter Gear List.xlsx

March 8, 2015: Winter PCT Traverse Completed!


On March 1st, at around Noon, trauma and I Made it to the Southern Terminus of the PCT thus successfully completed our PCT Winter Traverse! It has been one hell of a journey to say the least.

Check back often as I will be posting thoughts from the final leg of the trip as well as a review of our gear that made this trip possible.

To view some of the wonderful articles that have covered the trip, check up the updated press section.

December 27, 2014: PCT Articles

Here’s a few links to some articles written about the PCT Winter Traverse so far.

Reno Gazette 1

Reno Gazette 2

Adam Keeney

Martin Rye Wordpress

October 19, 2014: PCT Details

Here’s some quick tidbits for the PCT Traverse starting tomorrow. Check out the latest blog post for more details.

PCT Winter Gear List.pdf

PCT Resupply - Southbound.pdf

Track our progress through the Delorme Inreach

October 16, 2014: PCT Permit!

Glad to see this baby come in the mail. Thanks to Jack Haskel and the PCTA for  for supporting our efforts to traverse the PCT this winter!


September 17, 2014: PCT Winter Traverse

    It is with great excitement I am pleased to announce my plans for the 2014/15 winter. Trauma and I will be attempting to complete the first ever traverse of the PCT during the winter. Please check out my latest blog entry for details and be sure to check back in the next few weeks for updates on planning and our gear selection process. I will be posting updates at least monthly to my website, with more frequent updates posted to facebook.

September 16, 2014: Free Gear Rehab

    We all have that beloved piece of gear that has been trashed, thrashed and on its last leg. Wouldn’t it be nice to breath a little life back into it? Nikwax is doing just that and offering a free program to rejuvenate your favorite gear. Its only limited to one article per year, so choose wisely.

Nikwax Gear Rehab Program

July 9, 2014: Avalanche safety

    A little early in the season to be thinking about avalanche safety, but a pretty interesting article published this week by mammut. Watch out for those Gu packets!

                        My gu packet interferes with my beacon!

September 30, 2013: ALDHA-WEST Gathering

    Every third year the annual ALDHA-WEST gathering is located in the High Sierra. This year Camp Augusta in Nevada City hosted the annual pilgrimage of Hiker Trash to share their stories and reconnect. This year had an all-star line up of amazing presentations from accomplishments and feats from the last year. Check out some of the highlights. 

      The Brooks Range: A Thru-Hike by Kristen Gates

    Anish: Setting the PCT Speed Record by Heather ANderson

    Swami: 12 Long Walks by Cam Honan

    Walkabout in South America by Ian Reeves

    The list goes on and all. Many amazing friends from over the years all in one place. If I had to guess, collectively there was probably more than 1 million miles hiked in the room!



                        (from left to right: Pepper, Trauma, Swami, Scott Williamson)


May 12, 2013: New page added

    Check out the new ‘Friends’ page dedicated to all the awesome people out there doing amazing things human powered. These are the people i routinely drawn inspiration from.

MAy 11, 2013: Trip Report

    Finally got around to posting an update for the Tahoe-WHitney Traverse. Lots of highs and lows and many surprises along the way. Check out the details here.

April 12, 2013: Find us on SPOT

    Trauma will be carrying his SPOT device and we will try and do daily update along the way. Follow along  here.

April 10, 2013: Tahoe-Whitney begins!

    On monday Trauma and I will make our way down to the start of the Tahoe - Whitney ski traverse. This week has been filled with final preparations, some creative solutions and even a little fun at the ski resorts. Check out the latest blog posts on more of the details of the trip. I hope to update through facebook as the trip progresses and then will recap with another blog entry when I return. Stay tuned!

March 10, 2013: A few new friends

    I’m pleased to announce two new companies I’ll be working with for this year’s upcoming trips. I love working with some of the industries smaller cottage companies because of their close relationship to their customers and the ‘face’ that coincides with that process of deciding what gear will work best in each situation.


    With that said I’ll be trying out one of Trail Designs Ti-tri Caldera Cone stove systems. I will primarily be utilizing it’s wood burning capabilities for the Sierra Ski tour and then transition back to dependable alcohol use for the international trip to Iceland. It’s nice to be able to get so much versatility out of one cook system, that not only packs small and light, but is built with quality and craftsmanship.

    Being from Pennsylvania, anytime I can represent my home state its always a bonus. Vargo is about 2hrs from my childhood home and a stone’s throw from the emerging Mid-State trail. I’m be mating one of their Titanium pot to the Sidewinder stove as well as a smattering of ti tent stakes for the various soil types we’ll see.

    Be sure to check out both of their sites for more info on the innovative products they provide.


March 5, 2013: Interview with Billy Goat

    Anyone who has ever hiked the PCT in the last 15 years has surely crossed paths with legendary hiker Billy Goat or merely heard a tale or two about his 32,000 miles of hiking. Everyone knows illy Goat would be the last person to tip his hat about his achievements so It’s awesome to finally see such a humble individual recognized for his efforts.

Check out his article the LA Times recently did on him.

December 22, 2012: The Trail show Interview

    While making my way back west for the winter season, I got to swing through the historic bear district of Boulder Colorado and chat with my good friends at the Trail Show and chat about the Great Himalaya Trail. Be sure to check out episode #7 where they also reveal the results of the ‘Win a date with Pepper” contest. 

December 10, 2012: Gluten Free Hiking

    Here’s a link to a pretty good article a friend forwarded me on hiking with a Gluten intolerance. Some great ideas to get creative wit h your menu.


November 18, 2012: Mid-State Trail

    Immediately following thanksgiving I’m hoping to take a crack at the mid-state trail here in pennsylvania and burn off some tryptophan and pumpkin pie. The Mid-State trail runs 324mi border to border from maryland to New York. There is currently not a speed record attempt on this trail, so speed will be on my mind. Stay tuned! The MST will be a part of the emerging Great Eastern Trail which will parallel the appalachian trail and  stretch from Alabama to Lake Champlain in NY.

November 17, 2012: 2013 Plans


    The ‘off-season’ is always one of my favorite times of the year because its when i have time to dream and wonder for plans during the up and coming new year. Check out the Current Trips page to see what’s been rolling around in my head these last few weeks.

October 23, 2012: Interviews

    I recently chatted it up with the folks over at The trail show regarding my recent hike along the Colorado Trail. Based out of Boulder, co, The trail show is a monthly podcast that focuses on anything trail and beer related. The crew was a little bemoaned to find out I can only relate to one of those topics. Check out Episode 5 and their “20 questions with Pepper” segment to find out how they are plotting to conspire a contest to win a date with yours truly.

    Also, Krudmeister, who puts together the blogspot fstpkr, posted a recent interview as well about the CT speed hike. Fstpkr focuses on anything regarding fast and light adventures and offers lots of content around athlete profiles, trip reports and gear reviews . Krud himself just recently returned from a 4700mi human powered trip from reno to the bering sea, so be sure to check that out! To view the full article click here.

October 17, 2012: CDTC Calendar


    One of my photos was recently selected for a calendar the

Continental divide Trail Coalition is putting together for 2013. The Calendars will be a part of a fund raising effort to help maintain and support the CDT so be sure to pick up your’s once they come off the press. Also, Congrats to my fellow hiking friends Mags, Disco, Remy and Jack Haskel who also had their photos selected. See all the entries here.

September 18, 2012: Colorado Trail Video

    I put together some of the video footage I shot along the Colorado Trail into a short film. Check it out here.

    I’ve also added a ‘Video’ page to the site to post some of the other videos I’ve shot over the years for friends and family.

September 5, 2012: Bad news for the GHT

     It seems as if the nepali government and TAAN are trying to throw yet another curve ball towards hopeful hikers on the great himalaya trail and all trekking in general in nepal. In an apparent effort to make trekking ‘safer’ for travelers, the nepali government is putting a ban on all independent trekking. What happens if your guide/porter is incompetent (as our’s was) or quits halfway through when they realize how far you are trying to travel each day? It will be interesting to see if there is any decrease in tourism in the years to come. I’m predicting some heavy push back.

    Check out the full article here.

September 3, 2012: New CT Speed record!

    On august 31st at 12:35am, I arrived in Durango, CO at the western terminus of the 485mi colorado trail with an overall time of 10d19h5m, besting the previous record held by Paul Pomeroy by over 3 1/2 days! for a full trip report, complete with photos, check out the latest blog entry here. Video footage to come.

September 2, 2012: MLD Cuben Poncho Tarp review

    Check out the latest blog entry for a review on the Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Fiber Poncho Tarp I’ve put together. It includes my thoughts and how I successfully incorporated it into my attempt at the colorado trail unsupported record.

MLD Cuben Fiber Poncho Tarp review

August 17, 2012: Colorado Trail

    Tomorrow I’ll begin my travels to the Colorado Trail by flying into Denver. I’ll be greeted at the airport by My good Friends from the CDT, Disco and POd, pick up a few last minute items at the grocery store and camp out at the desolate Waterton Canyon trailhead that evening. If all goes to plan I will start walking towards Durango at around 5:30am on the 19th. I intentionally booked a flight out of Durango back to Denver on the 1st of September at 9:45am, so if I want to catch that flight I’ll need to make sure I’m on pace to break the current speed record! If you would like to follow along with the journey, check out my spot adventures page here.

August 15, 2012: Cat is out of the Bag!

    Gear Junkie has just announced their ‘Best in Show’ from the recent Outdoor retailer show in salt lake city this past july. Among their list is the current klymit air beam frame that has been integrated into the granite gear crown pack. I’ll be using this combo for the colorado trail speed hike and have been testing it for the last few months now. I think it will be one of the key strategies that will keep me moving fast and light. check out the full article here.


August 9, 2012: John Muir Trail

     Starting tomorrow morning I will be heading off on the John Muir Trail as Part of my final preparations for attempting the unsupported Colorado Trail speed record later this month. I will be using this hike as a final shake down to my gear and food systems, become acclimatized to the higher elevations I’ll see on the CT and test out the Spot device I will be using for verification. I’ve spent many days in the sierra on personal hikes, including many miles along the pacific Crest trail and sierra high route, but have never walked from yosemite valley to whitney in one push. It will be exciting to see everything in one go and heading south for a change.

    If you would like to follow along with the adventure click here

August 9, 2012: CDT finds a new home

    Being the true bastard child of the ‘long 3’, the CDT has finally found a new governing body through the CDTC, or the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. At the beginning of the year, the now defunct CDTA had to close it’s doors due to financial reasons. One thing I was never clear on was how a National Scenic Trail, which is federally protected, had to close it’s door for financial purposes. Couldn’t we just sell off some bombs to maintain some trails america?

    Check out the article on high country news

June 15, 2012: Fire and Reroutes

    Any challenge wouldn’t be complete without a few set backs to overcome. Two have just been tossed my way concerning my hike along the Colorado Trail later this summer. The Colorado Trail Foundation and USFS have just posted that section 12 has been designated ‘impassable’ due to extensive blowdowns. Due to that section’s wilderness designation, it may take years until the trail is re-opened. Time to strategize around an appropriate detour.

   CT Segment12 Reroute.pdf

    In other news, the governor of Colorado has just issued a state wide fire ban across the entire state. If Colorado is anything as dry as it is right now here in the Sierra, things are likely to get very interesting around wildfires with the summer’s upcoming lightning season. More detours likely in any event. Stay tuned!

    Fire Ban

June 8, 2012: New Blog Entry

    Check out the latest blog entry to get the inside scoop on my food and gear strategies for the up and coming unsupported colorado trail speed hike challenge. In the entry, I’ll discuss the whys and hows to some common questions I’ve been getting about the trip. if you have any comments or questions about the content, I’d love to hear from you.

May 25, 2012: USGS Maps for $1

    If anyone loves maps as much as I do, you’ll be pleased to see that the USGS is selling off over 60,000 maps from their catalog. The price? Only ($1) one dollar! But you’ll have to act fast as the sale ends June 4th. Even better is that the USGS website also allows you to download each map file for Free! A little known thru-hiker secret.

May 23, 2012: Denver Bound

    Well it’s official, I’ve finally booked my flight for the Colorado Trail! On August 18th I’ll be flying into Denver and staying the night with trail friends Disco And POD. Depending on my level of rest and preparation, I’ll be starting from the waterton Canyon trailhead either aug 19th or 20th. With any luck I’ll be enjoying Labor Day weekend in the company of family. The clock will be ticking.

April 27, 2012: ADZPCTKO

    In just a few short hours I will be making my way down to Lake Morena in southern California to attend the ‘Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off’ Party. It will be great to catch up with some old friends and see how the PCT trail culture has changed since I hiked it in 2004. My plan is to then hike out of Lake Morena on sunday and head north for 10-14 days, Hoping to put in 300-400mi and kick start the training season for this summer’s attempt at the colorado Trail speed record. While I’m out I’ll also be testing some key pieces of gear I plan on using for the speed attempt; namely Granite Gear new Crown pack, Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Fiber Poncho Tarp, and Klymit’s Inertia x-lite Sleeping pad. Full reviews to follow.

April 26, 2012: ‘I Hike’ by Lawton Grinter

    Another great book will be hitting the shelves any day now from my Good buddy Disco. Pulling from over 10,000mi of long distance hiking, Disco recollects nearly 10 years of life on the trail. Be sure to check out his documentary called “Walkumentary” while you’re at it. Probably one of the best short films on the CDT, it also features some footage of your’s truly :)  Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this!



April 6, 2012: Trail Tested via Trauma Tested

    After nearly 2 years of constant work, my buddy Trauma finally sent off his new book to the printers this week! Focusing on Ultralight techniques and gear, there’s also sections devoted to international travel and hiking with dogs. Regardless of what your skill level currently is you’ll find something of interest in this book. If not anything, the layout and photography are stunning and even have me wanting to hike some areas he’s been. Copies will be available in about 4 weeks time so get ready!


March 14, 2012: CT Gear List

    I’ve put together a tentative gear list for my planned unsupported hike along the colorado trail this summer. I may change a few things here and there, but I feel like I’ve struck a good balance between comfort, weight,  and my ever changing capacity and volume due to the amount of food I’ll be carrying at the start. Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any suggestions or comments on the list.

    Click here to view: Tentative Gear List Sheet1.pdf.

March 11, 2012: ASC NYT!

        Congrats to Gregg Treinish, founder of Adventurers and Scientist for Conservation, and his recent article in the New York Times! Trauma and I worked with his organization on our Great Himalaya Trek and it was an enriching experience; one that brought greater meaning to our travels. If you are headed somewhere off the beaten path and would like to learn more about the issues concerning the areas you’ll be traveling through, get in touch with Gregg and he’ll connect you with a scientist that would love your help!

March 3, 2012: Dolpo Article

        Check out this article I put together on the remote and wild section of Dolpo in Nepal for the folks over at Swoop. Their UK based operation tailors to travelers looking for anything from itinerary planning, self guided logistics, or full service guided expeditions. Focusing primarily in Patagonia, Swoop will be hoping to offer opportunities in Nepal in the near future for those intrepid trekkers. Stay tuned.

     Check out their website at

February 7, 2012: Exciting Mail


    Just received some exciting pieces of mail today. Check out the new pot I’ll use for my Colorado Hike this summer! Available through Zelph’s Stoveworks, at just a hair over 1 oz, this will be the perfect pot for boiling up 2 cups of water to add to my AlpineAire freeze-dried meals.

    Even more exciting is the long awaited map set I ordered up from the Colorado Trail Foundation. Now to finally start pouring over the maps, adding water and route beta and trimming this thing down from it’s portly 11.5 oz self.


January 24, 2012: New Sponsors

    I’d like to welcome a few new companies that will be helping me out this summer with my attempt at the unsupported speed record. I’m always so grateful when companies get as excited as I do about outdoor pursuits. Please check out my latest blog and sponsors page for more information on these exciting new companies!

January 18, 2012: Tahoe Rim Trail trip Report

    I finally put together a trip report of my recent hike along the Tahoe Rim trail. Feel free to check it out in my blog section of this site.


January 14, 2012: GHT Technical Passes Info

    I’ve been getting a lot of emails and requests for information on the technical passes encountered along the Great Himalaya Trail. I’ve gone ahead and put together a working document with as much information as I have or could collect at the time on the subject. Please contact me further if something is not clear or you would like to discuss things in detail. Check out the planning section for more info.


January 7, 2012: Tahoe Rim Trail

    Well it seems like no amount of ceremonial dancing, ritualistic sacrificing, pessimistic cursing, or desperate praying is going to change that fact that we are still snow free out here in Tahoe, which is quite the contrast to last year epic season.

    With too much time with two thumbs and wondering where to put them, I’ve decided to head out for some fresh air and perspective along the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail starting on monday. Looking for a way to stretch the legs and ultimately kill some time, given the fact that the 10 day forecast is still calling for 10 feet of sun and unseasonably warm temps, a nice leisurely stroll along some high country will serve me well. Look for a write -up sometime next weekend.

January 2, 2012: New Year plans updated!

        The New Year is always a great time to think and plan, dream and challenge one’s self. Added some concrete goals I’d like to accomplish throughout the New year on my Current trips page.

November 11, 2011: Yo-Yo a Success!


           Just getting back in from my hike of the Devils Path. Feeling sore but elated, it was good to get out there and push myself again. Check out the latest blog entry and video for more details.

November 5, 2011: Devils Path 24hr Yo-yo

      Planning on heading to upstate New york into the catskill mountains next week to have some quick fall fun. Recently saw a write up about the devils path as the ‘hardest trail in the east’. Totaling 24mi and 16,000ft in elevation gain and loss. I hoping to double that and see if I can tackle  an out and back ‘yo-yo’ of the entire trail in under 24 hours.  I figure this will be a good way to remember the hardships of Nepal earlier this year, even if the scenery won’t be a grandiose. I’ll have a more detailed write up of the hike and gear list posted in my ‘current trip’ section, along with some pics and video footage if all goes well. wish me luck!

November 4, 2011: Planning Resources

      Just posted some logistical information for some of the hikes I’ve done. There’s tons of great information there if you are planning a Great hImalaya Hike of your own. My friend Justin Lichter and I have collaborated over the years on some of the routes and trails we’ve done concerning mapsets, trail descriptions and logistical write ups. Please feel free to email either one of us for a CD-rom of the maps and details to print at your convenience.  Any donation you provide will help offset our time and effort.

October 16, 2011: Lizzy Hawker

      Thoughts go out to Lizzy Hawker and her Skydance attempt of the Great Himalaya Trail. Lizzy had to discontinue her attempt of the GHT a few days ago do to some logistical matters concerning safety. For a full read please visit her website. It sounds like she has some great alternate plans to entertain and challenge herself while still in the himalaya. Go Lizzy! Hopefully another attempt will commence sometime in 2012.

October 15, 2011: photo albums added to site

   Finally got around to adding some photo albums to the site. Check them out either by clicking on my albums or find them linked to my previous hikes page.

September 15, 2011: A quick fix into the high sierra

    Just got back from a quick hike through the high sierra with friend and fellow Oboz athlete Fern Ritchie. following my Buddy nacho’s wedding , we Covered about 160 miles between Mammoth Lakes and Kearsarge Pass. by Following a variation of the JMT and the sierra high route. Highlights Include heading across Alpine col and Italy pass, Two areas I’ve been wanting to explore for awhile.

July 10, 2011: Great Himalaya Trail Interview

   Had a chat with Richard Bull over at the the other week regarding our experience on the Nepal portion of the trail. Thanks again Richard for your questions and efforts.


June 15, 2011: Video Posted


        I finally got around to putting a rough draft of our film together for some friends and it actually came out well enough to post. This is my first foray into film making so feedback is welcome. Still lots of editing and reformatting to be done as well as compiling the India footage when Trauma returns. Still hoping to have something formal together by winter, but here’s a little teaser video of things to come. Video is posted on my blog page as well as here on Vimeo.

June 1, 2011: Blogs entries posted, What’s Next?

       Just arriving back into the United States after finishing up the Nepal section of the great Himalaya Trail on the 27th of May. It’s Been a whirlwind of travel transplanting myself from trails end back to the US. Been working on posting some photos and journal entries from the trip and hoping to put together a logistics page for other folks wanting to plan a similar (or shorter) trek through the Himalaya Range, So check that out. Also, if things fall into place, Trauma and I will be putting together a short film covering the trip through video and photographs. Hoping to have that completed by winter at the latest.

March 21, 2011: Blog Updates

   In the interest of time and efficiency, Trauma and I will be updating our whereabouts through one singular update being posted on his site. We will be carrying a satellite phone and sending weekly updates from the field, twitter style. Every few weeks when we enter a larger town with internet access we will post a more thorough synopsis of how the trek is going. Please visit and follow along!

March 20, 2011: Off to Kathmandu!

   Well it’s been a hectic few months of planning for this latest trek to say the least. Visas have been a headache, gear was shipping up until the last postal hours, and maps and route information has been delayed,  but come tuesday morning I begin my 32 hour marathon flight to KAthmandu. Time to toss all those weeks of planning and prepping out the window and let the real chaos begin! Stay tuned

March 19, 2011: Winter Recap

   The winter mushing season is finally winding down for me, even given the fact that the Tahoe area is currently getting buried with another Seven foot + storm cycle. Many hours spent blowing and chopping, but it’s been another great season running with some dogs. Check out the latest blog entry.

December 18, 2010: Adventures for 2011: Nepal, India and Pakistan

    2011 is shaping up to be another exciting year! Tentative plans are to link the eastern most 8000M peak inthe world, Kangchenjunga, with the western most 8000m peak, Nanga Parbat. IN doing so we would pass within eyeshot of all 14 of the world’s 8000M peaks including, Everest, Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Annapurna, and K2, just to name a few. Fellow hiker and good friend Trauma (Justin Lichter) and I are scrambling to get visas, permits and a route in line for a spring departure. Too much to think about! Stay tuned.

December 1, 2010: Fall Recap


    Check out the latest blog entry for a brief recap of the fall and what it’s like settling back in after 66 days on the trail. Highlights include spontaneous Marathon runs, taking urban youth out of the city for their fist time ever and getting to meet my newest best friend.


March 27, 2010: Bora Bora is on Board


   bora bora bars has agreed to sign on as my sole energy bar sponsor for the hike this season. I’m super excited to be able to use their products given that they are both nutritious, calorie dense and convenient. Most of my meals I eat throughout the day I try to consume on the go, so these will keep me fueled up and ready to put in the miles ahead. It’s not too often I get excited about energy bars, but between the abundant, delicious flavors and Pure simple ingredients I can actually understand, my mouth is already salivating for the summer to come!

    Please see my sponsors page for more information on Bora Bora.



February 28, 2010: Sponsorship update

    I’m pleased to announce my partnership with a few companies for my hike this summer, Oboz and Kaia Foods. Not only do these two companies provide great products, they also give back to their communities.


    I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding oboz and their shoes in the hiking community, and I’m excited to be able to try them out this summer. Their shoes will see just about every condition on my trek.; Off trail, on trail, high water crossings, glacier travel, sandy beach, talus and boulder fields. I’m currently testing out the hardscrabble and feel they will hold up great to the conditions they will see.

    I found out about Kaia foods from a gluten free care package my good friends justin and april sent me. Once I tasted Kaia foods granola and found out more about their story, I was eager to partner up with nick at kaia foods. He is a hiker himself and is aware of the  nutrition and convenience a hiker is looking for.

    To find out more about these two wonderful companies, check out my sponsors page.




February 16, 2010: Blog Added

    I Just added a blog section to my site in an effort to maintain a connection with friends, family, and fellow readers. I will be attempting to update the blog weekly once the hike begins, so check back often for the latest news.

January 27, 2010: GDT map set

   I currently have a complete map set for the great divide trail that I put together on disc. They are formatted as a PDF file and are set up to print on 11x17. I also have the raw file included so you can modify the maps to your liking. If interested, please feel free to contact me.

January 25, 2010: Outdoor retailer show

   This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend the outdoor retailer show held in salt lake city. It was cool to see some of the new gear and products that will be coming out sometime next winter.  I was able to hand out a few of my sponsorship proposals and chat with some companies about my upcoming trip this summer. It was nice to be able to put a face to the company as I met some really nice folks that really care about the outdoors and the products they provide. so Presently I’m excited at the prospect of working with some like-minded outdoor enthusiasts in the future.

Adventures for 2010: Great Divide Trail and Pacific Northwest trail

    This summer I will be attempting to Link two long distance trails; the Great divide trail in Canada and the pacific northwest trail here in the us. Glacier National park is sort of a crossroads in the long distance hiking community. The terminus of nearly four major trail systems coincide at this geographic point, them being the Continental Divide Trail, The great Divide trail, the Pacific northwest trail and the North county trail (as part of the c2c route). By linking two of these great treks, I will be able to connect the highest point in the Canadian Rockies (Mt robson) with the pacific ocean. I have spent some time in the canadian rockies previously and they are probably one of my favorite mountain ranges in the world. along with Exploring more of the north cascades as well as the Olympic peninsula , this hike will take me through new and varied terrain that I’ve been wanting to explore for awhile.


Hello and welcome. My name is Shawn Forry and on the following pages you’ll be able to find out about my current hiking plans as well as any previous hikes I’ve done. please feel free to contact me for any questions or planning information you may be seeking out. Thanks for checking out my site and check back often for any updates.

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